Young Rockets Fan Tells Shaq: “Don’t You Ever Disrespect Houston Again” On Local News

07.15.13 6 years ago

After Houston signed the top free agent of the summer, Dwight Howard, Rockets fans were justifiably jubilant, if you count 17 rebounds and 12 rebounds a game with 49 percent free throw shooting, dynasty-making. But that excitement quickly turned to anger after Shaquille O’Neal‘s blistering comments about Dwight and the “little town” of Houston. Watch as one tiny fan issues a terse reproach of The Big Aristotle on local news during the Dwight Howard rally outside the Toyota Center on Saturday.

Howard posted video of the rally on his Instagram, and the gathering throngs do not care one iota about any of Howard’s hijinks in Orlando and Los Angeles. He is finally in Houston. As far as the typical Rocket’s fan is concerned, Dwight is a tabula rasa, with only the 2013-14 season to gaze upon with anticipation. Houston general manager Daryl Morey wanted a superstar to team with the superstar Oklahoma City gifted to the Rockets last summer, James Harden. Now they have one, so it’s a time for rejoicing after the D-12 decision, not dwelling on his negatives.

It’s hard to write “decision” next to Dwight Howard, the keyboard autocorrects to “indecision.”

Dwight’s arrival in Houston looks glorious to Rockets fans so far. No matter the whispers about Howard’s decreased mobility and lackadaisical attitude, he’s in a Rockets jersey, and even the Dream,Hakeem Olajuwon, iscoming back as a mentor.

But Dwight’s doubters, like Big Man Emeritus Shaq, are not shy about their feelings concerning the one-and-done Laker. Then again, Dwight’s fans in Houston—less than a day after he officially became a Rocket Saturday morning—are standing up for “the best center in the league,” as this glorious Rockets fan below screams. The kid also tells Shaq in a prepubescent shriek, “Don’t you ever disrespect Houston again.”

The fan is our new favorite. Yes, we wonder about Dwight, but hopefully he sees the youngster uttering a not-so-subtle threat at a man that could put him in his pocket, and he becomes the world beater everyone wants and thought he would become three years ago.

Remember that not very far in the past everyone was throwing another entitled superstar under the bus for his own Decision. Maybe Dwight can rewrite his history like LeBron James has: with two title(s) and counting.

How will Dwight Howard do teamed with James Harden in Houston?

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