Your NBA All-Star Weekend 2010 Preview

02.13.10 8 years ago 11 Comments

NBA heads rejoice! All-Star Weekend is upon us and we’re in for three days of top-tier basketball with some throwaway events in between. The kid likes basketball more than Kurtis Blow so you know I’ll be glued to the tube for the festivities. I decided to switch things up in anticipation for the weekend by cooking up some quick picks for the bigger events. We’re not counting filler like the Celebrity game or the WNBA/NBA/old fogy parity shootout either. Hell, the Skills Competition barely made the cut and it features some of the best point guards in the game. Anyway, here it goes.

Skills Competition

Victor: Steve Nash

The two-time MVP will walk away with the chip. He may be slowed by age, but his passing and shooting skills are the sharpest among all the contestants

How’d You Get In Here?: Brandon Jennings is a long shot among these upper echelon point guards. He would have a chance…if passing wasn’t involved.

Three-Point Contest

Who will channel the spirit of Larry Bird?: Chauncey Billups

Mr. Big Shot is expected to let these young whipper-snappers know what’s happenin’. He lives for clutch moments so it’s safe to crown him the favorite as well as the winner.

Dark Horses: Stephen Curry may emerge the lights-out king as his jumper is the main reason he’s a pro in the first place. Danilo Gallinari is a streaky shooter so he might turn heads if he gets going. But he’ll have to seriously bring it to hang with Billups or Curry.

Slam Dunk Contest

The Flyest Of Them All: Gerald Wallace

He’s a power dunker but he’s thrown down some flashy ones in his day. Plus, he has the best in-game dunks in the first half of this season. Just imagine what he’ll do since theatrics have taken over this event. The man has the vertical leap of a cheetah.

Interesting Note: The DerMar DeRozan Vs. Eric Gordon Dunk-In was a novel idea and I’m mad I didn’t think of it sooner. This should be a recurring trend as it’ll get more people to check for the Rookie/Sophomore game. DeRozan won the face-off while withholding his main stash. Look for him to shake things up for the reigning champ Nate Robinson.

2010 NBA All Star Game

Winning Squad: Wessstside!

The West lost some big talent with Kobe, Chris Paul and Brandon Roy sitting out for injuries so it may be a close one. Still, they sport a deeper bench loaded with experienced guards and big men against the East’s much younger squad (save for Kevin Garnett).

All-Star MVP: I’m going with Carmelo

As he’ll likely steal Dirk’s shine in his own city. He’s the biggest star on the roster and has an even bigger chip on his shoulder than some of the other ASG snubs. I’m going to look forward to him having a statement game despite LBJ’s attempts to hog the spotlight.

Congrats To The: Nine deserving (some more than others) first time All-Stars set to play in this year’s game. I guess the anti-fan voting machine finally worked out in the end via coach picks and injuries. You probably could’ve made an argument for Aaron Brooks making the cut over Jason Kidd if the game wasn’t in Dallas this year.

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