Zach LaVine On Dunk That Nearly Made Andrew Wiggins Faint: ‘I Didn’t Do That One’

BROOKLYN – Andrew Wiggins made it through last night’s epic Sprite Slam Dunk Contest with consciousness intact. Considering that cautionary boasts from the Rookie of the Year frontrunner on Zach LaVine’s jamming repertoire more than lived up to the hype, we weren’t quite sure how – until the newly crowned king of dunking said he opted against pulling out the jam on All-Star Saturday that nearly made Wiggins faint.

“That’s the funny thing, is I didn’t do that one,” LaVine said of the dangerous dunk.  “I got some tricks in the bag still.”

Wait – could LaVine actually improve on his instant classic performance? It almost seems impossible given the never-before-seen aerial antics that the Minnesota Timberwolves rookie showed off last night. But we didn’t think LaVine could come close to matching – let alone topping – his world-ending first dunk, either, and he might have done just that 10 minutes later.

Those in the know certainly seem to believe:

And thankfully, it seems like we’ll get the chance to find out, too. Not only did LaVine confirm that he left more inevitably awe-inspiring dunks on the table, but also showed interest in defending his title for years to come.

“Hopefully,” he said of participating in future contests. “I like dunking.  I didn’t bring them all out.”