Zach LaVine Is Practicing Without A Knee Brace As His Bulls Debut Grows Closer

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Zach LaVine is working hard to return after a torn ACL ended his season in 2017. The guard, who was traded over the summer from Minnesota to the Chicago Bulls, had surgery and returned to the court about 10 months after initially suffering the injury. But he’s yet to actually play for the Bulls.

LaVine is entering an important step in his rehab, and the Bulls are being careful not to bring him back too early. But one thing LaVine has done is worked out without the bulky knee brace he had donned earlier in the process of getting strength back in his leg.

LaVine said it was too heavy and restricted his movement but that he’s confident he’s strong enough to go without it.

Bulls coach Zach Hoiburg told the Chicago Sun-Times that it’s an “important stretch” for LaVine in his rehab, as the point guard will take part in six straight full-contact practices, and if all goes well, he could get a start in the G-League and see the court for the Bulls very soon.

“I know Zach is excited,’’ Hoiberg said. “He had a really good two-plus hour practice with Windy City last week before that team went on the road. He’ll be with us [Saturday afternoon] and then four straight days of good hard practices with Windy City. And then he’ll be with us that sixth practice, and then we’ll see.

“We’ll see how he’s doing as far as his overall soreness and hopefully put a time frame together on when we think he can start playing.’’

The question many wonder when it comes to LaVine, however, is when we’ll see highlight-reel dunks from him once again. The good news is he said he’s getting close.

When the Bulls do finally get LaVine, they’ll add another potential piece to their rebuilding process. It would be nice to see a healthy team in Chicago, seeing that everyone is getting on so well there already.