Zach LaVine Unleashed Hell On This Thunderous Rim-Shaking Dunk

Zach LaVine isn’t exactly shy about displaying his unbelievable athleticism on a regular basis, but on Friday night in Phoenix, the young shooting guard turned things up a notch. Just ask Alex Len.

LaVine took off from what seemed to be an untenable distance from the rim, but the reigning Slam Dunk Contest champion had no problem finishing what would become a memorable dunk. Not only did LaVine zoom to the rim with seeming ease, but the power in which he finished the jam over a 7-footer in Len was jarring and it was yet another “Dunk of the Year” nominee in the early going of the 2016-2017 season.

It’s not so much that LaVine even finished this dunk, it’s the power with which he was able to slam it home despite going full end-of-Space-Jam-Stretch-Armstrong-Michael-Jordan on the rim. It doesn’t seem possible, but then again, much of what LaVine does defies physics in one way or another.

In fact, other angles of the decimation paint a grim picture of what might have happened to Alex Len as LaVine took off for the ultimate hammer.

Finally, you can hear more of the home broadcast and the last expression of sheer amazement is probably the most fitting.

It isn’t your fault, Alex Len. You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time against the wrong dunker. Zach LaVine didn’t mean to steal your sunshine, but hey, it could’ve happened to anyone. We’re just happy it didn’t happen to us.