One ESPN Reporter Thinks LeBron James Is Headed For Houston Next Summer

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LeBron James is entering yet another contract year with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Whether or not he starts the season on opening night is still up in the air given his injury status, but barring anything catastrophic, he will certainly be playing when it matters most: The postseason.

Once that postseason ends, though, no one knows what will happen to James or where he ends up. That uncertainty will undoubtedly loom and create an opportunity for bold predictions from many NBA insiders. One such prediction, made by ESPN’s Zach Lowe, is that James could actually end up leaving the Cavs once more. And the destination may not be Los Angeles, but Houston.

Lowe’s logic is pretty simple: he thinks that Lebron James is more likely to stay in Cleveland than move to Los Angeles to play the Lakers, which many people speculate he could do. But if you open the question up to “LeBron stays or LeBron leaves,” Lowe thinks it’s more likely James finds a new place to play.

Lowe claims that one underrated option for James would be joining James Harden and Chris Paul in Houston.

Speaking of which: Maybe we should take the Houston threat more seriously. Harden is locked up. Paul is there. Getting off Eric Gordon is easy. Snag a pick in the process, and dumping the Ryan Anderson albatross — the one that cost them the official Team Banana Boat photographer — becomes feasible. Trade and renounce everyone else, including potentially Paul for cap purposes, and they are close enough to the double-max for Paul and LeBron that the Texas income tax edge might come into play.

Lowe admits that he has no idea what James will actually do next summer, just like the rest of us. But his logic, and erring on the side of chaos and uncertainty seems sound. Especially after the summer we just saw in the Association.