Zach Randolph Is The Latest Former All-Star To Join The Big3

Zach Randolph is one of the most beloved NBA players ever. The former power forward bounced around the NBA before finding a permanent home in Memphis as the face of the Grit n Grind era of Grizzlies basketball. His physical style of play on one of the toughest teams in the NBA made fans everywhere flock to him. The Grizzlies never reached an NBA Finals during that era, but their consistency as a tough out in the West and style of play made them a beloved group.

It was just unfortunate that, as time went on, the way the Grizzlies and Randolph played became outdated. Not to mention father time wins all battles. Eventually, Randolph had to leave Memphis and the NBA itself. He’s essentially retired, but that hasn’t stopped him from finding a new way to play basketball. The Big3 announced on Wednesday that Randolph would be making his return to basketball in their 3-on-3 league as captain of the Trilogy.

This is exciting and also one of the reasons the Big3 exists. There are players that, in a non-NBA environment, can absolutely still ball with the best of ’em. Put them in a 3-on-3 short court situation and these players thrive. Look at how Joe Johnson destroyed the league last year on the way to a Big3 championship and MVP. A bruiser like Randolph should absolutely thrive in this league.

This is also a great chance for fans to say goodbye to a player we loved but maybe didn’t get the chance to in the NBA. The Big3 tours around the country and fans everywhere get the opportunity to go see a full slate of games. A lot of these games feature former NBA players that are either looking for one last chance at the NBA or just trying to get some run in past their prime. It’s the perfect chance to get another at your favorite players before they fully step off the court.

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