No One Could Believe Zion Williamson Deflated A Basketball With His Fingertips

Getty Image

Zion Williamson came up huge as Duke picked up the biggest comeback win during the Mike Krzyzewski era. The Blue Devils stormed back from a 23-point second-half deficit on the road against No. 16 Louisville, picking up a 71-69 victory against their conference foes. Williamson, as he’s been wont to do this season, had a monster game, scoring 27 points and ripping down 12 rebounds against the Cardinals.

While the game didn’t feature one of those thunderous dunks or blocks into the 11th row that have become so commonplace when he takes the floor, Williamson still found a way to cause Twitter to implode upon itself. How? Well, we learned that he apparently has the grip strength of the average free climber, because this is what happened when he put three fingertips on a basketball.

Here’s the original picture, taken by Gail Kamenish of cardinalsports.com, which looks totally normal at first glance until you zoom in.

Basketball is, of course, a wonderful sport, but it’s always good when we get a free science lesson during a game, which occurred when Williamson showed fans how enough force can cause an object to bend. Ever since he was in high school, Williamson has caused the Twitterverse to lose its mind over what he can do on a basketball court. Still, the freakout that occurred over this moment was one of a kind.

Williamson is as close to a college basketball phenomenon as we’ve seen in some time, putting him on par with names like Anthony Davis and Jimmer Fredette over the last decade. Still, while it remains to be seen if his career ends up being as successful as those dudes, I am confident in saying they couldn’t do this to a basketball with the tips of their fingers.

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