Zion Williamson Saluted A Heckler After Drilling A Jumper Right In Front Of Him

Getty Image

It’s been a few days since we’ve gotten a really good Zion Williamson highlight. Things seem like they’ve been going well for the high school senior lately, who committed to Duke last month to give the Blue Devils maybe the best recruiting class in college basketball history, but we haven’t seem him do something delightful on a basketball court in a minute.

Fortunately, Williamson is awesome, and we were able to get a moment of brilliance out of him in a video posted by Overtime. The surprise might be that this particular highlight had nothing to do with his ability to fly and throw down.

The scene: Some adult thought it would be fun to heckle a teenager. The issue is that teenager rules, so Williamson canned a three in an opposing player’s face before turning to their heckler and saluting him.

I cannot stop laughing at this, partly because Williamson rules for canning a three and then saluting someone who was heckling him, and partly because the heckler just loses his mind. Imagine going “it is good to heckle a teenager,” then just have that all come crashing down on you at once. The freakout the guy has where he’s begging the ref to give Williamson a technical foul because he, personally, just got owned by a 17 year old is just fantastic.

Williamson’s dunks are still his best highlights, but this is easily his funniest.