Zion Williamson Wore The Custom Kyrie 4s He Rocked At Duke For His Summer League Debut

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Zion Williamson will suit up in a professional basketball game for the first time in his life on Friday night, and as such, hoops fans are overjoyed. The No. 1 pick in the 2019 NBA Draft will take the floor for the New Orleans Pelicans against his college pal, R.J. Barrett, and the New York Knicks at the annual Las Vegas Summer League.

The Thomas and Mack Center was jammed packed before the game even tipped off, as fans at the league’s summer showcase wanted to see the high-flying Duke superstar in person. A minor subplot to the game was Williamson’s sneaker choice, as he entered the game operating without being on any sneaker company’s list of sponsored athletes.

Williamson threw on a special pair of sneakers for the game: the custom Kyrie 4s he wore at Duke that read “Killas Kill.”

There is obvious interest in what Williamson has on his feet. This is partly because of the incident that occurred during his first game against North Carolina when he blew out of a pair of PG2s and ended up missing time due to an injury — which led to him getting these Kyries from Nike — but also because he is the hottest free agent on the sneaker market today. It’s been speculated that whenever Williamson puts pen to paper on a contract with a sneaker company, he’ll end up receiving a potentially historic amount of cash.

This does not mean that Williamson signed to Nike without the news being released to great fanfare, so we’ll have to wait and see what his sneaker future holds. But for now, Williamson is taking the floor in Vegas in a pair of kicks made uniquely of him.

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