This 93-Year-Old YouTuber/Racing Game Enthusiast Proves That Video Games Are For Everyone

Over the past decade, the number of folks playing games — as well as the median age for enjoying them — have increased dramatically, and we’re very about it. There’s just something so uniquely sweet about watching someone fall in love with gaming, especially when it’s an older relative who might have been a bit hesitant to pick up the hobby. Now everyone can enjoy that feeling thanks to a Japanese YouTube channel posting videos of a 93-year-old grandfather making his way back onto to open road after being unable to drive for several years. According to Kotaku’s original report on the channel, the man is a former Tokyo taxi driver who loves cars, and now, we love watching him love cars.

The account, which seems to be managed by the man’s grandchildren, shared its first video on Dec. 21, 2020, with the caption “this is the Mazda Savanna RX7 that I actually owned since 1990. Since this is the first post, please understand that it may be unsightly.” However, there is absolutely nothing “unsightly” about the joy this racing grandpa gets from being behind the wheel.

Since that video, seven additional high-octane racing videos have been shared. They range from the grandpa taking a Ferrari down the Metropolitan Expressway for the first time in 20 years, to taking on the “fastest challenge at Le Mans.” Enjoying some of his videos is the perfect way to start your weekend, and could even inspire you to set up your grandma with some Pokemon Snap. Okay, but really, if you do that, please share it with us because it sounds adorable.