This Popular Phrase From ‘Among Us’ Was An Answer On ‘Jeopardy!’

Among Us was the surprise hit of 2020 that helped many folks find a way to connect with each other throughout quarantine. The concept was nothing groundbreaking, but the execution of it was perfect for streamers on sites like Twitch to gain a following by playing the game with their friends.

As streamers played it, so did their viewers, and soon, everyone was screaming on the internet about how “sus” their friends were. That phrase “sus” has become attached to Among Us — it’s impossible to hear it and not think of the game. It’s become so popular that it’s even managed to break out of being just a meme among the gaming community and was an answer on a recent episode of Jeopardy!

The reason the phrase “sus” took off is that when playing Among Us, there are meetings between players where they discuss who among the remaining members might be the imposter. In these meetings, players would say they thought other players were being pretty “sus” to mean suspect or suspicious. As the game got more popular, the phrase “sus” started to be used as not just a meme, but in everyday conversation among fans of the game.

We’re just glad that someone answered this correctly. It would have been pretty sus if no one got it right.