Teasers For ‘Battlefield 6’ Are Actually Taking Over Other ‘Battlefield’ Games

Battlefield 6, or as some rumors are calling it ‘Battlefield 2042‘ is going to be revealed to the world very soon. We were teased an announcement about the game for June 9 and ever since a rather odd marketing campaign has begun.

Early Monday morning, Battlefield sent out a tweet teasing the upcoming Battlefield updates, but similar theming has started to appear across all Battlefield titles. The Battlefield V news page has odd distorted text all over it.

Interestingly, eagle-eyed gamers noticed a similar video to the update tweet will play when starting up Battlefield V itself. It seems like a safe bet that hacking and digital warfare will be a major part of the upcoming Battlefield if this is what their marketing looks like.

Viral marketing like this isn’t uncommon with games, but it’s rare to have a title influence other ones in this way. We might see Easter eggs, but a whole new intro? That was a surprise to see. Of course, anyone that is playing Battlefield V is likely going to be even more excited for Battlefield 6 after seeing an intro like this when they start their game.

That said, if you’re not a fan of Battlefield it comes off as a little weird. As Giant Bomb’s Jeff Gerstmann pointed out, the news page just looks bizarre and isn’t really helpful at the moment.

Either way, this is definitely different from the standard way that games are marketed so points for creativity and trying something new. But we’ll have to see what Battlefield actually has in store for gamers later this week.