This Call Of Duty League Player Blew Himself Up In Spectacular Fashion

Everyone makes mistakes when playing video games. Whether it’s jumping the wrong way into a bottomless pit, or just forgetting to look at the time and watching the opposing player run out the clock, we’ve all made mistakes that made us want to uninstall and never play the game again. However, most of us are not professional players. The large majority of us log in on the weekends or play a few rounds after work or dinner.

Call of Duty League players on the other hand live and breathe their game and the kinds of mistakes they make when playing don’t even come close to the ones us average players do. That’s why this clip of Los Angeles Thieves player Johnathon “John” Perez is stunning to witness. In a round of search and destroy he was planting the bomb when he felt some suppression fire, so he wisely moved out of the way and threw a grenade in response. The problem is that grenade landed right in front of the wall he was hiding behind killing him instantly. The kill feed added insult to injury by stating “mistakes were made” next to his accidental death.

Unfortunately for Perez, it didn’t get much better. The Thieves went on to lose the game of Search and Destroy giving the Paris Legion a tie in the best of five series at 1-1. Very unfortunate for him, but the 2016 Call of Duty World League MVP should be able to bounce back. You don’t become a pro by letting mistakes like this get you down. Still, for the rest of us, while shocking to see happen in this kind of environment, it’s nice to know that even the very best at COD sometimes blow themselves up too.