A Door In ‘Call Of Duty: Warzone’ Is Racking Up Kills Thanks To A Hilarious (And Frustrating) Glitch

On a technical level there are few things as impressive as a battle royale map in a video game. It needs to be large enough to support typically 100 players, if not more, all at once. This means that objects can’t be hidden behind loading points, or that areas can’t just appear once the player gets close enough, because players are spread out everywhere on a map. Not to mention the amount of stress this puts on servers. With so much going on it’s no surprise that sometimes parts of the map are going to break, or that glitches are going to be discovered. It’s just part of the experience.

All of that said, this recent glitch discovered in Call of Duty: Warzone might be the weirdest one. There’s a door in Karst Salt Mine that upon entry will immediately send a player into a bleeding out state. If the player is in a group then they can be revived, but if they’re by themselves it’s an auto loss. Via Reddit.

As the video above shows, the door will knock down anyone no matter their current health. So you can be at full health, with all the armor in the world, and that door will still put you to the ground. An impressive display of power from our new door overlords.

Obviously, the doors are finally revolting against the players of Battle Royale’s that have abused them for so long. We’ve used them for cover as we’ve been shot, kicked them open while we enter rooms, and shown a total disregard for door safety. Now they’re fighting back and we must hope this stays contained to Call of Duty and none of our other games. If the doors in other franchises hear of this they may too revolt. If that happens, then God help us all.