The Avalanche Are Projecting Games On The Ice During Intermission Because There Are No Fans

Like many teams in the National Hockey League this season, fans are not currently watching Colorado Avalanche games in person. That creates an interesting opportunity to use technology at the team’s home arena in new ways as hockey continues amid the coronavirus pandemic.

As Awful Announcing noticed, the Avs played some intermission games on the ice projector at Ball Arena, mostly because there’s no need to use it for anything else these days. Conor McGahey, the Avs play-by-play announcer, tweeted earlier in the week that he was quite literally playing Solitaire between intermissions because there’s no fans in the stands to entertain.

That technology, which is usually used to project videos onto ice to create some very fun visuals, was basically turned into a ridiculous way to show off that you’re good at the card games that come standard with basically every PC.

But they got a bit more creative a day later, with McGahey playing Pong at the break.

It’s a fun bit we certainly hope continues, but some fan-less team out there could get creative and use all those cameras in the building to play something more interactive with fans. I’m sure a team would be up for a game of Jackbox with fans voting on their favorite picks. Just not Cyberpunk 2077, OK?

[via Awful Announcing]