This Is How To Get The Secret Ending In ‘Far Cry 6’

Adding in a secret ending for players to find has become something of a tradition for the Far Cry series. Typically these endings are early on in the game and can be found by doing the non-video game thing. For example, in Far Cry 4 the main antagonist tells the player to stay right there and “not move.” Of course, what anyone would do in this situation is immediately get moving. If the player doesn’t do that though and stays there for over 10 minutes they will be escorted to an early ending for the game. Far Cry 5 had one of these secret endings as well, so it was an easy assumption that Far Cry 6 would have one too.


In Far Cry 6, they do have a secret ending, but it’s not quite as early on as it was in previous games. This alternative ending takes place later in the game following the mission “Libertad Rises.” At the end of the mission, the main protagonist Dani Rojas is given the option to take a boat and flee to the United States. Of course, the game strongly implies that this is not the correct path to take. If the player chooses to ignore that though and take the boat off into the distance it will fade to black and re-open three months later with Rojas sunbathing on a beach. The radio nearby announces that the revolution in Yara was a failure and the game’s antagonist, Anton Castillo, has successfully quelled it. (h/t GameSpot)

Obviously, it’s not an upbeat ending! Of course, with the game strongly trying to tell the player how bad an idea this is it would make sense for the ending to be a “punishment” for that. Anyone that wants to see the way the game is truly meant to go will need to play through it and experience the whole thing.

While some people are tired of the Far Cry formula, these alternate endings included, it is one of the few games that still do stuff like this. It’s fun when a game rewards the player for doing something out of the ordinary and Far Cry 6 doing that is a plus.