Nobody Can Play The New ‘Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin’ Demo

Square Enix didn’t have too much to show during their E3 presentation on Sunday. In an event that lasted about 40 minutes, their three big announcements were Guardians of the Galaxy, a pixel remaster of the first six Final Fantasy games, and then they ended with an action slasher game called Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin. The trailer for Origin was admittedly not impressive. Mainly it was held back by awful dialogue, but the gameplay itself had potential as long as it was fun to play.

Several reports from journalists and fans indicated that even after downloading it, the demo simply didn’t work. Everyone who’s attempted to play it so far has reported the same thing happening to them. They download the game, start the application, and are met with an error message that informs the player the data is corrupted and they need to re-download it. Except, re-downloading it will do nothing at all. According to reports, they are aware of it and currently working on a fix, but this is not the introduction developers were hoping for when it comes to their game.

As someone that tried to download the demo themselves, I can confirm that this does happen upon starting up the game. It’s unfortunate because Team Ninja is well known for fun faction games, but this is certainly an inauspicious start for this title. We’ll eventually get to experience this game for what it is, but that’s not going to be until they fix the demo. We’ll keep you posted.