Madden Teases The Return Of ‘Tecmo Super Bowl’ Legend Bo Jackson

Back before Madden became the sole owner of the NFL license for video games, there were tons of football games to choose from. One of the original options fans could play was Tecmo Super Bowl. Back in the days of the NES and arcade machines, Tecmo Bowl was a favorite because it featured the likenesses of a couple of players and actual NFL teams. One of the most famous players featured in Tecmo Bowl was the then Los Angeles Raiders Bo Jackson. The multisport athlete was one of the biggest stars in all of sports at the time with his play not only on the football field but his time spent playing baseball for the Kansas City Royals.

While Bo was obviously famous for his accomplishments on the field, he may have become even more notorious for what he could do in the virtual world, because in Tecmo Super Bowl he was pretty much unstoppable. The Raiders became the original auto-ban team when friends would play each other because if someone had Jackson they could easily dance around the entire defense and score touchdowns at will. He’s arguably the most overpowered character in the history of video games and now he’s coming back.

The Twitter account for Madden 22 put out a teaser on Monday teasing that the legendary Bo Jackson would be making his return to the virtual world in their game. He’ll likely be showing up in Madden’s Superstar KO mode, which is where they like to showcase some of the more arcade-y aspects of the game, such as college football teams.

Honestly, this sounds really fun if they do it right. Put in Jackson and give him ridiculous stats that no player is allowed to have. Let players truck lineman with ease and run around safeties like they’re standing still. Make Jackson feel just like he did in the old Tecmo Super Bowl games. Video games are meant to be fun and we deserve that fun of using an overpowered Jackson in a modern game like Madden 22.