This ‘Madden’ Glitch Features A Player Turning Their Head Upside Down And Immediately Fixing It

Madden players are no strangers to bizarre glitches. While we fully acknowledge that making video games is incredibly difficult, it would be hard to ignore that the Madden franchise is becoming just as famous for its glitches as it is for its football. Sometimes those glitches can be very funny in the moment, while other times they’re extremely frustrating. It makes sense why these happen! Getting 22 people to all look normal at once sounds challenging enough. Getting those 22 characters to play a game of football? It sounds almost impossible.

A recent example of how impossible that is comes from yet another Madden glitch. This one is at least funny and doesn’t really impact gameplay all that much. Watch and be amazed as a member of the Cleveland Browns, currently losing 50-6, looks like he’s trying to crack his neck or something but instead turns his head upside down. Don’t worry though, because he’s fine and it will just pop back into place like nothing was wrong.

It might not be officially Halloween season yet, but that’s a little too creepy. It’s also extremely funny, because of how it just rotates back as if nothing happened. We can only assume that this made the player feel rejuvenated and he sacked the opposing QB on the next play.