Gamers Freaked Out About Oscar Issac Leading The ‘Metal Gear Solid’ Movie

These days, it seems like every major gaming franchise is headed into production on a movie or TV show, and Metal Gear Solid is officially the latest case. Word broke on Friday that Star Wars alum Oscar Issac will add a Metal Gear movie to his busy schedule, taking the role of Solid Snake in the film that’s been in development at Sony for some time.

The news was met with a lot of enthusiasm online, and for a variety of reasons. People like Issac, for starters, and it’s clear he’s a fan of the franchise. Considering Issac himself called his shot on the casting, there was considerable celebration when word he got the role hit social media.

For, you know, a variety of reasons.

There were also a lot of seasoned Metal Gear fans ready to tell people perhaps more unfamiliar with all the, well, Snakes, that many had the wrong picture associated with Issac’s new role.

It was another good time to share the image of Issac eating Cheetos with chopsticks, too.


Once the celebrating was over, a lot of talk was about what a Metal Gear Solid movie even looks like.

Many fans were hoping there will be some fun MGS easter eggs in the movie, too.

The uncertainty about what the film will be about will definitely last well into the actual shooting for the movie itself, as there’s plenty of lore to dig through in the franchise after three decades. But one thing that was clear to most fans is that the enthusiasm for the franchise is there with both Issac and also director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who is also signed onto the project.


In other words, it was a very good Friday for Metal Gear fans.