Someone Put Together A Nine-Hour ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Speedrun Without Taking Any Damage

We’re coming up on eight years since Rockstar North released Grand Theft Auto V. Originally released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, GTAV will appear on its third generation of consoles a little later this year, as the game is slated to be available on both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X starting in November.

The game is unique both in how it has managed to evolve as time has gone on (namely with the addition of Grand Theft Auto Online) and the fact that it’s, you know, really good. It’s also a huge game placed inside the world of San Andreas, so getting through it takes some time … well, unless you’re YouTuber UnNameD, who was able to beat the entire thing in a nine-hour speedrun that took place across three videos. Even more impressive: UnNameD took zero damage across the entire run.

IGN laid out how they managed to pull this off — as you might guess, this wasn’t exactly a “try it once and have it go perfectly” thing:

Speedrunner UnNameD managed the feat earlier this week, posting their three-part video to YouTube. UnNameD says it took them 48 attempts to actually achieve it, using a mod known as One-Hit Knock Out, which sets character health at a measly one point. As if that weren’t hard enough, the speedrunning rules also forbid UnNameD from using any armor to protect themselves, and the mod disables Trevor’s invincibility ability.

It took me at least 40 hours to beat GTAV the first time I played it and I died a whole bunch of times, so this is the most impressive thing in the world to me.