‘Recon’ Is Here To Get You Excited About Video Games

Throw away your couch and buy that $300 racecar seat on wheels because UPROXX Recon is finally out of beta. It’s a brand new show that is here to break down all the latest video game news and culture so you can stop begging your friends to tell you what’s cool.

The show is hosted by prominent Twitch streamer and TikTok heavyweight, SushiBAE. His sidekick? UPROXX Edge Gaming writer and Season 14 Rocket League Grand Champion AJ Lodge… aka me. Our hope is that the show allows you to find a real love for video game culture, hands-on insight, and perhaps the joys of watching a real friendship blossom. Everyone say “aw.” But for real, there’s so much fun to be had that it’s worth a borderless full-screen.

In this first episode, we talk everything: from the smash-hit indie Among Us, the latest developments from the front-lines of the console wars, and what we’re excited to see from upcoming AAA titles. And because we’re both super smart and read the newspaper, we make sure you get all the big details so you can stay in the know without having to comb through a dozen different listicles just to find out that you can pet the dog. That and, you know, our opinions: which are always serious but don’t always need to be taken seriously.

Basically, we’re here to talk about what makes games fun for everyone, whether that’s skill-based matchmaking or determined by your ability to play as Travis Scott. UPROXX Recon is about whatever gets you excited about video games, memes and all. And it’s in the video above. So watch it.