A Gaming Studio’s CEO Steps Down After Tweeting Support Of Texas’ Abortion Ban

Tripwire is a video game publisher best known for games like Maneater and the Killing Floor series. However, nobody is talking about their games after the CEO for the publisher, John Gibson, tweeted out praise for a controversial bill in Texas that bans abortions after a woman has been pregnant six weeks. The bill also allows people to legally target anyone attempting to aid women in getting reproductive healthcare including abortions.

Shortly after Gibson Tweeted out his praise, it was announced by Tripwire that he would be stepping down as CEO immediately and would be replaced by Alan Wilson. The statement that followed from Tripwire said that they do not agree with Gibson and feel that he doesn’t reflect what the company believes in.

However, while Tripwire’s swift response is appreciated, it’s worth noting that this is not the first time Gibson has shown his beliefs. He’s even done so in games they have published such as Killing Floor 2 where he inserted his own Christian Metal Band into the game, where they sang songs that included anti-abortion lyrics.

Since Gibson tweeted out his statement, there was been a wide response from not only fans that planned to boycott games published by Tripwire but even some of the developers they worked with. Shipwright Studios, the developers of Maneater and Chivalry 2, immediately cut off their relationship with Tripwire in response to Gibson’s tweet.

While Tripwire says that Gibson’s beliefs don’t reflect their own, and that’s why he’s stepping down, it feels more likely that he’s doing so because his statements are harming the company’s bottom line.