Even Children Know The Power Of Adele In This ‘Kids React’ Video

For the latest installment in the “Kids React” series, the Fine Brothers asked the adorably precocious lil’ tykes to share their feelings on Adele. Unlike DuckTales, the children actually know who Adele is, which I guess isn’t a surprise, considering her 25 is the biggest album in their lifetime. Well, most of them know who Adele is — Lucas thought she was Kelly Clarkson.

Otherwise, all Adele fans! While there weren’t any jokes at her expense, one of the kids had a great one-liner. “Why did Adele cross the road?” Jaxon asks. “To say hello to the other side.” Boom. His punchline kills now, and it’ll kill in 10 years, when Jaxon’s in college and he shows all his friends this clip.

It’s the 21st century’s answer to embarrassing home videos.