Bette Midler Proves You Don’t Need A Musical With Rapping Founding Fathers To Set Broadway Records

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The Broadway smash hit Hamilton has been breaking Broadway records, breaking banks, and breaking hearts since its premiere on the Great White Way more than a year ago. But there are other musicals in the world (yes, really) and the revival of a Broadway favorite just smashed a record pretty unexpectedly. The revival of Hello, Dolly! – starring Bette Midler and David Hyde Pierce – sold $9,082,497 in first-day ticket purchases on Saturday, with fans from all over trying to nab seats so they would be able to be in the room to see Midler blow the roof off the theater. It’s the Broadway record for most first day ticket sales ever, so the show is already making headlines months before opening night.

This sales total is especially impressive when you consider that Midler will have an alternate on certain days so she isn’t shouldering the load of a lead role eight performances a week, but that alternate’s identity or which days she will be filling in have yet to be announced. Bette is taking over for Carol Channing, the originator of the role (Barbra Streisand played Dolly in the film) and will also be joined by hilarious and talented Broadway stars like Jennifer Simard and Gavin Creel. The musical premieres in Spring 2017 with preview performances in March and an official premiere in April. There’s no telling how long the revival will run (especially considering every major star in the cast is in high demand for projects everywhere), but it should probably be long enough that Bette will take time off from shaming celebrities and their families.

If you didn’t get tickets, don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to contribute to Dolly‘s already impressive box office totals. It’s a long shot, but could the show come close to being one of the highest grossing musicals of all time with this early popularity? Watch out, Lion King, Bette’s coming.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)