Chris Rock Announces His First Major Stand-Up Tour In Close To A Decade

Entertainment Writer

Chris Rock made a major live announcement on Facebook earlier on Monday, fittingly from The Comedy Store in Los Angeles. Rock is a regular at the club, hanging out with Sam Kinison in the older days — not now since it’d be a little weird — and he’s using the locale to announce his first tour in nearly a decade.

The Total Blackout tour will see Rock hitting the road in 2017, and likely putting together those specials for Netflix. Those specials will also be Rock’s first since Kill The Messenger eight years ago, meaning we’ll be seeing a fresh Chris Rock with a well of content to draw from. Between this and Dave Chappelle’s major Netflix announcement following his highly lauded SNL appearancecomplete with its own Chris Rock cameo — it’s going to be a good couple of years for comedy. And with 2016 coming to an end, nobody else will have to die ever, right?

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