Comedy Now: Hasan Minhaj Is The New King Of Netflix And Jena Friedman Probes America


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What’s New

Untitled Jena Friedman Special (Adult Swim)

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Last year, former Daily Show field producer and Late Show with David Letterman writer Jena Friedman released her first stand-up special, American C*nt at Seeso. (Yes, that’s what she titled it.) The Edinburgh Fringe Festival show one-woman show on which she based it drew widespread acclaim, and the resulting hour didn’t disappoint, but it begs the question… What’s next? An new half-hour special at Adult Swim, that’s what. According to a press release, Friedman will “probe America, tackling evergreen issues related to politics, gender and American culture” in the untitled show, which also doesn’t have a release date yet.

Jordan Klepper Solves Guns (Comedy Central)

Speaking of The Daily Show, the surviving late night juggernaut at Comedy Central has produced quite a few standouts among its correspondents. Stephen Colbert went on to host The Colbert Report and The Late Show, Samantha Bee skyrocketed to the top with Full Frontal at TBS, and Larry Wilmore — despite The Nightly Show‘s cancellation — hasn’t faltered as of late. Just as many good things are happening for Jordan Klepper, the drastically tall correspondent whose popular Trump rally segments scored him his own forthcoming program and a new topical special, Jordan Klepper Solves Guns, set to air June 11th at 10pm ET.

Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King (Netflix)

Nor should we neglect Hasan Minhaj, Klepper’s fellow Daily Show correspondent, whose performance at the 2016 Radio and Television Correspondents Association Dinner propelled him into the spotlight. A year later he hosted a Donald Trump-less White House Correspondents Association dinner and premieres a concert film version of his well-received one-man show, Homecoming King on Netflix next week. Set to drop Tuesday, May 23rd on the streaming giant’s platform, Minhaj’s new special tackles immigration, family, and equality from the perspective of an American-born performer whose family hails from India.

Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive (Netflix)

Whether you prefer the Tracy Morgan of Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock fame, or the Tracy Morgan of stand-up classics like One Mic and Bona Fide, the performer’s new special at Netflix is a sight to behold. As our review notes, Staying Alive brings to life the promising comedy of Morgan’s Picking Up the Pieces, a 2016 tour the comedian embarked on a year and a half after his near-fatal car accident in June 2014. Considering the physical and mental rehabilitation Morgan endured after surviving the accident, which killed James “Jimmy Mack” McNair and left him in a coma, his return to the stage is something to behold.

What’s Up

David Letterman to receive the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor

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Despite retiring in 2015 as host of The Late Show, which he created, David Letterman hasn’t left the limelight entirely. This year alone he inducted Pearl Jam into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, witnessed the publication of his first biography, and — sadly — said goodbye to his famous mother, Dorothy Mengering. Despite these pain and triumphs, however, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts announced it would give Letterman its cherished Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. Recently awarded to the likes of Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy and Carol Burnett, Letterman’s latest honor is richly deserved.

Jimmy Kimmel will host the 2018 Academy Awards

Warren Beatty’s Best Picture Oscar mishap dominated the news cycle following the 2017 Academy Awards telecast. What didn’t, however, was Jimmy Kimmel’s performance as the master of ceremonies — something the Jimmy Kimmel Live host told Uproxx was a possibility beforehand. (After all, everyone mis-remembers Letterman’s stint.) But if his recent viral healthcare plea and the reaction to it are any indication, Kimmel is almost definitely having a moment. So much that the powers that be announced he would return to host the 2018 Academy Awards telecast on Sunday, March 4th, 2018.

What’s Wrote

Mean Dads For A Better America by Tom Shillue (Book)