Comedy Now: Tracy Morgan Is Staying Alive And Larry Wilmore Joins The World Of Podcasting

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Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive (Netflix)

While last year’s Picking Up The Pieces tour doesn’t count as a stand-up special, per se, we still put it on our best-of list for 2016 based on Tracy Morgan’s commanding stage presence. The Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock alum had no trouble convincing audiences he was back in action following his brush with death in 2014, and if the new trailer for his Netflix debut Staying Alive is any indication, that is still very much the case. Based on the aforementioned tour, Morgan’s first comedy special since 2014’s Bona Fide wastes no time diving right into the car accident that killed friend and fellow comic James “Jimmy Mack” McNair. Hilarious anecdotes about his recovery, his family and other Morgan punchlines drop May 16th.

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