A Straitjacket Escape Gone Wrong Sends Criss Angel To The ER

For a certain brand of magician, cheating death is part of the job. As we learned from David Blaine nearly killing himself with a bullet in a feat gone awry, death isn’t always happy to take a clean L. This frightening part of the equation reared its head on Friday in Las Vegas when Criss Angel was sent to the ER after a part of his act went wrong.

TMZ reports that Angel was rushed to hospital after a straitjacket escape went t*ts up. Angel was dangled upside down all jacketed up as part of the opening portion of his Mindfreak Live! show. After a period of attempting to escape and apparently passing out, the performer was reportedly lowered down and the curtain would be lowered too. The show was cancelled and Angel was sent to the ER. Thankfully, he was said to have walked out of the facility that same night.

One attendee described the harrowing scene on Facebook.

“What an awful experience!” wrote Peter Sehl about the events that unfolded.. “10 mins into the show, Criss Angel was doing his upside down straitjacket stunt and was almost out after spinning for 2 mins and then they let him down. He stopped moving, curtain down. Break for 15 mins. Now show cancelled. Hope he is ok!! Didn’t appreciated peoples comments as they were leaving.”

As always, these things could end in a much more frightening fashion. Here’s hoping this is the only ER visit that plagues America’s favorite Mindfreak for a long while.

(Via TMZ & The Hollywood Reporter)