‘Culture Quick Bites’ Is Here To Speed Through Oscar Fan Votes And Why Batman Needs A Spa Day

The latest episode of Culture Quick Bites is live with hosts Drew Dorsey and Tom Plumley. What are they going to talk about this time? Well, the Oscars introduced a new fan-voted category for this year’s awards in order to drive fan engagement, ostensibly giving burner phones a say when it comes to what is and isn’t trophy worthy. Also, daylight Savings Time is about to Spring Forward on Sunday, March 13, so make sure to set your clocks ahead an hour so you’re still on time! Or, well, as on-time as usual. Too many things have clocks on them. We’re gonna have to spend that extra hour making sure all of our clocks are synced up just in case.

Did you love The Batman so much that you can’t stop thinking about what comes next? Tom has a take on what a Batman movie should REALLY be going forward, turning the conversation away from the typical topic of what villain Robert Pattinson’s Batman will face next time. Then Drew and Tom give an update on what March Madness is (and the real bracket everyone should care about) before finishing things off with a reminder to fill up on some circular pie for Pi Day while we provide a few questionable math puns. All this and more on this episode of Culture Quick Bites!