Cosplay Is Getting So Real It Can Actually Protect Superheroes (Or Villains) From Axes To The Dome

Cosplayers have gotten better and better at recreating their favorite characters from comics, television shows, movies and video games, but the usability of most of their costumes is probably not all that great. So all of that cool-looking armor and weaponry is just good-looking it’s not functional. Sure, it’s not entirely clear why someone would don a superhero costume to deflect shots from planks of wood and hatchets, yet someone decided to complete a Deathstroke cosplay with a virtually-indestructible helmet because, well, why not?

As Kotaku points out, this guy is pretty much insane. Not many of us would be willing to create a helmet and then start smacking ourselves in the head with a hammer to test out its durability. In fact, that is recommended for absolutely no one, even with a helmet on. Don’t hit yourself in the head with a hammer under any circumstances. Please.

This helmet was created using fiberglass to make it incredibly durable, but just how durable is it? Well, they ran it through a gauntlet of tests that included tossing rocks at his head, hitting him with a 2×4 and even a hatchet.

That’s one crazy, durable, helmet that he’s created. Although he noted that the sound inside of the helmet was incredibly loud, meaning that he want to do some further modifications to his work to ensure that the helmet doesn’t move around a ton and that his ears stop ringing.

(Via Kotaku)