Hannah Gadsby Jokes About Her One ‘Nanette’ Regret In Netflix’s ‘Douglas’ Trailer

Hannah Gadsby released one of the most-discussed comedy specials in recent memory with the Emmy-winning Nanette, leading to headlines like, “The Comedy-Destroying, Soul-Affirming Art of Hannah Gadsby.” The Australian comedy is about to release her follow-up, Douglas, and in the trailer above, she reveals her one regret about Nanette.

“Had I known just how wildly popular trauma was going to be in the context of comedy, I might have budgeted my sh*t a bit better. But I went and put all my trauma eggs in one basket like a f*cking idiot and now here we are,” Gadsby jokes. She also riffs on “Americanizing” her language, including her love of the gender-neutral word “y’all.”

Here’s more on the special:

Having given herself her very own tough act to follow, Gadsby decided to name her difficult second album after one of her dogs in the hopes he could inspire comedy obedience. Did it work? Fortunately, you can make up your own mind because after taking her metaphorical muse off for a world tour of a walk she filmed the fucker in Los Angeles.

Hannah Gadsby: Douglas is a grand tour of guffaw that takes you from the dog park to the High Renaissance and back into an unnamed box. With one of comedy’s most sparkling and surprising minds as your guide of honor, you can expect your expectations to be set and then met in the most unexpected ways. Woof.

Douglas premieres on Netflix on May 26.