‘The Flash’ TV Show Gets The Honest Trailers Treatment And A Snazzy New Name

The Flash TV show returned for its third season premiere last night on The CW, so Screen Junkies released a timely honest trailer for the scarlet speedster’s series, heretofore known as Dawson’s Streak.

The third season is going to cover the Flashpoint alternate timeline, but the honest trailer covers the melodramatic (but thoroughly engrossing) events leading up to now, all the while pointing out some things we can’t believe the characters didn’t notice (Tom Cavanagh’s Dr. Harrison Wells clearly couldn’t be trusted) and things we can’t unsee now. Try not to think of this honest trailer every time Caitlyn mentions her dead fiancee, Cisco puts yet another thing in his mouth, or Barry does that bobblehead thing he does. This is some straight up Flash drinking game stuff in the making.

More honest trailers:

Via Screen Junkies