Watch These Animators Bring A Horror Short To Life

Imagine walking down the street and hearing the eerie sounds of a horror movie before being taken aback by a massive shadow monster projected. That’s the reality some in the heart of Los Angeles are about to encounter.

In the above video, you can watch as Uproxx In Theory lead animator Erik Campbell and illustrator Jimi Martinez take steps to create their animated horror flick (The Shadow). With its larger than life scale, this isn’t a typical project for the pair. The two are building a 4D art film that will be projected on a nine story building in downtown L.A. and it’s all coming together with a real-life actor, design studio Optical Animal, and the music of Sweater Beats.


Having a great team like that is a necessity when you want to create an ambitious, live immersive experience like The Shadow, but you also need the right tech. That’s why Intel provided Campbell and Martinez with a Falcon TLX Laptop with an Intel® Core™ i7 processor featuring Intel® Optane™ memory to ensure a more effortless and efficient creative process on the film.

Learn more about this collaborative effort and discover the tech behind the creation of this immersive experience in the above video. Check out the other videos in our CRE8: Live The Process series to find out more about the creation of this immersive live experience.