John Mulaney Is Working On A Children’s Variety Show Inspired By ‘Sesame Street’

John Mulaney is on one of those streaks where I immediately assume whatever he’s working on will be great. Big Mouth: great. Voicing Spider-Ham in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse: great. Kid Gorgeous at Radio City: great. That Les Misérables parody about diner lobsters on SNL and its follow-up, “Bodega Bathroom”: both great. That bit about The Mule with Pete Davidson: great. His children’s variety show: hasn’t happened yet, but probably great. Oh yeah, John Mulaney is making a children’s variety show.

According to Esquire, the former SNL writer (supposedly) is “modeling the new special on the entertainment he loved growing up: 3-2-1 Contact, the eighties-era PBS after-school classic; Really Rosie, a 1980 musical by Maurice Sendak and Carole King; and, of course, Sesame Street.” Mulaney has been watching old episodes of the long-running educational series (“It’s been on TV how many — fifty years?” Asked and answered: yes), and he’s impressed by how “bizarrely paced” it is. “They’ll cut to a kid who blows up a balloon, draws a smiley face on it, and pops it…. Great, love it, moving on!” he said.

With the new show, he wants to make something that will appeal to kids and adults. His thinking: “It’s something I’d like to watch,” he says. “And I don’t wanna do anything anyone else is doing.” (Via)

There is no information about where the variety show will premiere, or even when, but let’s hope the songs — and there have to be songs — are half as good as the ones from Co-Op. Is this an excuse to embed “Holiday Party (I Did A Little Cocaine Tonight)”?

… maybe.

(Via Esquire)

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