Kit Harrington Explained Why He Hasn’t Cut His ‘Game Of Thrones’ Hair Yet

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Game of Thrones is all but done filming, and much of the show’s cast has moved on to other projects as well. But Kit Harrington is hanging on to one last bit of Thrones nostalgia for a bit longer.

Harrington was at TIFF in Toronto this week and had noticeably similar hair as his Jon Snow character on Game of Thrones. Harrington had previously said his hair was not long for this world, but with most of the other characters saying goodbye to the show many fans were anticipating his long locks hitting the chopping block and a sign that things are finally winding down in Westeros.

But Harrington was asked at the screening of The Death and Life of John F. Donovan about why his hair hadn’t gotten the axe just yet. He told Entertainment Weekly that it’s not up to him just yet to go get his ears lowered.

“We just finished filming. You can’t tell because I look exactly the same,” the actor joked while visiting the PEOPLE and EW video suite alongside director Dolan and many of his castmates from the film. “They own me; they’ve just kept me like this,” he said of the hit HBO series.

Kit Harrington’s, well, hair, was a huge topic of debate among Thrones fans in 2015 when it appeared he had cut his long locks and beard. That turned out to be a reboot, though, both in the character’s actual life and a slightly-updated look after his return from the dead.

This time, though, a change is inevitable, though points out that Harrington is essentially waiting until the Game of Thrones staff says he’s good to go.

Harington intimated that he can’t yet ditch his distinctive Jon Snow hair and beard until he gets the go-ahead from production in case reshoots are required to accommodate a visual effect or something of a similar nature. Dolan jokingly asked Harington what he plans to do once free of the role’s requirements, and Harington said he intends to shave, but grow his hair even longer, to mid-chest length.

Though, he added, “When I shave, I look like a tired child.”

What that means is that we’ll likely see Tired Child Kit Harrington at some point before we see Jon Snow back on the air sometime next year.