A Louis C.K. Heckler Has No Regrets For Shouting An Obscenity At Him During One Of His Surprise Sets

12.05.18 7 months ago 33 Comments

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So far Louis C.K.’s comeback tour has received, shall we say, a mixed response. Many have asked whether it’s been too soon for the comic — who last year confessed to masturbating in front of several women without their consent — to return to public life. Many of those people have answered that query with a firm “yes.” Still, fairly constant criticism hasn’t kept C.K. from doing his thing regardless — or kept clubs from booking him. Of course, they tend to be “surprise” sets, where he appears on stage in front of unsuspecting audiences who may not have come if they’d known he’d be there. Eventually, someone in one of these audiences was bound to turn on him. And so, finally, one has.

Late Sunday night, one Klaire Randall went to New York City’s Comedy Cellar, only to find herself ambushed with a surprise Louis C.K. set. During one quiet part, she decided it was time to attack. She heckled him, shouting “Get your d*ck out!” According to Randall, she was then immediately told by Cellar management to leave; Cellar claims she left on our own accord. Either way, she tweeted about it.

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