‘Star Wars’ Co-Star Mark Hamill And Many Others Share Their Prayers And Well Wishes For Carrie Fisher

The entertainment world was hit with a shock late on Friday when word spread that Hollywood great Carrie Fisher had a heart attack on a flight to Los Angeles. Many feared that 2016 had taken another great name too soon, posting their fears to social media and hoping for the best throughout the evening. Many were breathing a slight sigh of releif after her brother Todd Fisher updated her condition, reporting that she was recovering in a Los Angeles hospital ICU and was at least in stable condition according to US Weekly:

“If everyone could just pray for her that would be good,” he told ET. “The doctors are doing their thing and we don’t want to bug them. We are waiting patiently…

“We don’t know. We hope for the best,” he said. “We certainly do not know her condition, that’s why she is in ICU. I’m sure everyone wants to speculate, but now is not the time for that.”

People have taken these words to heart, with many of Fisher’s Star Wars co-stars and fans in Hollywood sharing their thoughts and prayers online. Mark Hamill leads the group from the Star Wars side of things, calling out 2016 in the process — something we’ll likely see many people do this week:

Even the opposing sci-fi franchise sent some good thoughts in Fisher’s direction, with William Shatner and George Takei sharing some thoughts:

Of course it’s not just those connected to sci-fi that care about Carrie Fisher. Many famous names, including Joely Fisher and Bette Midler, added their thoughts to the pile:

And of course, plenty of people are curious about Gary The Dog. Officially, Fisher’s beloved companion is right next to her in the hospital according to US Weekly, but there’s also a little Twitter love being shared:

Here’s hoping that everything works out positively in the end. Nobody ever wants to be dealing with this sort of thing at any time, but it’s especially rough during the holidays. Plus I’m sure many people want to know what FIsher will have to say about this once she’s better.

(Via US Weekly)