PBS Premieres The Extended Trailer For ‘Hamilton’s America’ (No Expensive Tickets Needed To Watch)

In recent months, the broadway sensation Hamilton has lost many of its cast members to other projects, from lower tier cast or ensemble members getting other juicy theatre jobs to the headliners like Lin-Manuel Miranda and Renee Elise Goldsberry moving on to high-profile work in television and film. Even with that mass exodus, the Hamilton craze hasn’t died down. The show is opening a Chicago outpost soon, and a touring version of the musical will follow soon after. If, even after all the expansion it has gone through, you still are’t in a position to see the show live, PBS has good news for you.

The upcoming documentary Hamilton’s America on PBS offers a behind the scenes look at not the specific creation of the musical itself (there’s a book for that), but at how Lin-Manuel Miranda came to have this idea in the first place, what Hamilton actually contributed to our country, and from the looks of things a decent amount of field trips to historically significant sites with the original Broadway cast. There isn’t any new singing footage prominently featured in the trailer, but that doesn’t mean the Schuyler Sisters actresses don’t burst into song at Alexander Hamilton’s estate or something. Plus, there may not be new performances in the doc or anything but what there is is some decent performance footage and Lin laughing and chatting with President Obama.

If that juicy documentary content doesn’t satisfy you, then you might want to go spend outrageous amounts of money on the musical to be happy. What more could you ask for from a bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a Scotsman?

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