SiriusXM’s Marvel Podcasts Are Now Available Via Apple’s Podcast Platform

While there might not be as many capes involved, SiriusXM and Apple Podcasts have just revealed a super-powered team-up of their own. According to Engadget, the two broadcast behemoths are pairing up to bring all of SiriusXM’s Marvel Podcasts Unlimited series to Apple Podcasts, with both free and paid options for interested listeners. The shows included will range from talk shows and fan theory-filled breakdowns, to scripted series following the biggest Marvel character’s misadventures. All of the seemingly countless hours of content is available on Apple Podcast’s new Marvel channel starting today.

Among the free shows coming to Apple Podcasts include the award-winning Marvel’s Wolverine: The Long Night and its sequel, Marvel’s Wolverine: The Lost Trail. Both of these titles are based on Marvel comics by the same name and marked Marvel’s first — and extremely successful — attempt at turning their graphic novels into compelling and colorfully acted podcasts.

In addition, fans can also tune into several unscripted series, such as Marvel/Method, where rapper Method Man interviews celebrity guests such as Kevin Smith and Killer Mike about their relationships with Marvel, and This Week in Marvel, a weekly series that dishes out the latest going-ons in the Marvel Universe, whether that be a new trailer or a new line of action figures hitting shelves. Hit and diverse series, such as Women of Marvel and Marvel’s Voices, will also be available starting today.

Lastly, the new Marvel channel on Apple Podcasts also features the first installment of the new multi-part series Marvel’s Wastelanders, an original scripted podcast that follows Star-Lord and the Guardians of the Galaxy that features the voice acting talents of Timothy Busfield (Peter Quill), Chris Elliott (Rocket), Danny Glover (Red), and Vanessa Williams (Emma Frost).

For those looking to subscribe to the Apple and SiriusXM’s Marvel mash-up, for $3.99 a month you’ll be given ad-free access to all of these shows and more, as well as Marvel’s Declassified, a documentary series that dives into Marvel Comics’ history, and Marvel’s first Spanish-language podcast series, Marvel’s Wolverine: La Larga Noche. As of right now, Apple is also dishing out a free seven-day trial to the service.