‘The Price Is Right’ Has A New Contender For The All-Time Greatest Victory Celebration

It feels like it’s been a long time since we got a really good victory celebration from The Price is Right. Like, way too long. Fortunately, that feeling ended on Tuesday, thanks to a bro named Brad, who nailed the right price on Flip Flop. He and his wife — I think her name is Tiffany, but I can’t read her tag from all the jumping — won a trip to St. Lucia, and so Brad reacted appropriately and danced around like a damned fool.

I know these things are taped weeks or even months in advance, but I’m still going to pretend that Brad is extra stoked to be getting the hell out of the cold for some island debauchery.

Now, the question is: Where does Brad’s victory dance rank on the all-time list of greatest TPiR celebrations? That’s a tough task for anyone, even a master of scientific rankings such as myself, but I know off the top of my head that he probably won’t surpass the legendary Elliott, who lost his glorious mind after landing $1 on the wheel. His dead fish routine was amazing, and made even better by the fact that he did it again and won the $25,000 prize.

But this is about Brad and his stellar victory dance skills, so let’s show him respect.

What makes it all somehow even better are the couple’s t-shirts. A+ all-around for Brad and Tiffany.

(H/T to the great one, @CJZero)