All The UPROXX Videos From 2016 You Need To Check Out

Film & TV Features Writer

2016 was full of plenty of ups and downs, with more than enough downs for a few years to come. UPROXX had the chance to capture some of the ups, though, and brought them to you through our video series. From life-changing technologies emerging and innovative musicians to breakdowns of pop culture fan theories and closer looks at today’s news, our shows bring glimpses into the world that you don’t get anywhere else. And in the throes of end-of-year lists, we’ve put together a playlist of the most essential 20 UPROXX videos of 2016. So watch above, check out the individual videos and articles below, and let’s look forward to a new year with many more stories to tell.

  1. The Big Lebowski Was Inspired By This Real-Life Dude
  2. Martin Strel, Marathon Swimmer – HUMAN Limits
  3. Skid Robot, The New Face Of L.A.’s Homeless Crisis – UPROXX Discovers
  4. Black Violin Makes Sweet Music By Mixing Classical With Hip-Hop – Uncharted: The Power Of Dreams
  5. Tiny Houses, Huge Purpose – UPROXX Reports
  6. Wasteland Weekend PT. 1 – UPROXX Reports
  7. Hip-Hop Artist Jidenna, The Big Daddy Of…Canes? – COLLECTORS
  8. Wim Hof, The Iceman Cometh – HUMAN Limits
  9. Yung Jake, Artist of the Internet – HUMAN
  10. Stranger Things – In Theory
  11. Token, Child Rap Prodigy – Uncharted: The Power of Dreams
  12. Master Craftsman, Nathie Katzoff – HUMAN
  13. Visionary Guitarist & Composer Kaki King – Uncharted: The Power of Dreams
  14. How Hard Is It To Burn All The Calories In An In-N-Out Combo Meal? – OFFLINE
  15. Is Oil Wastewater Our Next Big Ecological Crisis? – UPROXX Reports
  16. Chainsaw Carver Extraordinaire, Griffon Ramsey – HUMAN
  17. A-F-R-O & NGHTMRE drop a track at historic L.A. studio – Uncharted: The Power Of Dreams
  18. Can Iconic Photography Be Passed From Father To Son?
  19. Damiyr Shuford Is Charting A Path From The Subway To Success – Uncharted: The Power Of Dreams
  20. The Real Story Behind The Most Famous Scenes In ‘The Warriors’