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For years I’ve spread word that child actors are the scourge of this great nation. Meanwhile, politicians have done nothing but molest interns and smoke crack with hookers.  Maybe this will finally get their attention:

Skylar Deleon, 29, who had a bit part in an episode “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”, faces the death penalty after being convicted of three counts of murder at a trial in Santa Ana. [Moral of the story: Never name your kid ‘Skylar’. –Ed.]
Deleon was accused of killing retirees Tom and Jackie Hawks in 2004 in order to steal their $500,000 boat and life savings. He was also accused of killing another man in 2003 in a separate incident.
…once out at sea, the three men overpowered the couple, handcuffing them and covering their eyes and mouths with duct tape before forcing them to sign and fingerprint title transfer documents for the yacht.
Machain, who testified for the prosecution, told how the terrified couple were then tied to the boat’s anchor and lowered into the sea.  [Source]

And might I add, Danny Bonaduce.  But wait, it gets worse!  A couple months ago, the guy tried to sever his own penis:

Skylar Deleon, 29, somehow got a razor and “tried to saw off his penis” while in his cell on March 13, said Damon Micalizzi of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.
“He was unsuccessful,” Micalizzi said. “As I understand it, there was a lot of blood.”
Micalizzi said he did not know if Deleon stopped the effort himself because he could not carry it out to conclusion, or was interrupted by a guard.
Deleon was taken to a hospital, his penis was re-attached, and he was back in his cell the next day, Micalizzi said. [Source – Thanks, Robo]

Asked what possessed him to carry out such a plan, Deleon said, “I guess I was just jealous of Zac Efron’s success.”

Whackity schmackity dooooo…

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