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In the past I know I’ve called Maxim nipple-free Playboy for stupid people, and I thought naming Sarah Jessica Parker ‘Unsexiest Woman Alive’ was pretty third grade (and that’s coming from me), but I’ve got to give it up to them for their article on the 15th anniversary of True Romance.

True Romance was Quentin Tarantino’s first script made into a film (and possibly his best), directed by Tony Scott, who sort of screwed up the whole thing with super tight 80s-style close-ups and the most mismatched musical score I’ve ever heard.  Anyway, the Maxim article has interviews with all the major players.  Sample:

Gary Oldman (Drexl Spivey, pimp): I hadn’t read the script, and knew nothing about it. Tony and I had tea at the Four Seasons and he said, “Look, I can’t really explain the plot. But Drexl’s a pimp who’s white but thinks he’s black.” That was all I needed to hear. I said, “I’ll do it.”

Scott: Gary called me out of the blue and said, “I’ve got it. I know exactly who this guy is: He’s my drug dealer.”

Oldman: My drug dealer? Tony would fucking get me arrested, wouldn’t he? I’ve never had a drug dealer! I organized Drexl’s dreadlocks under my own steam. Then I went to a dentist who made the teeth. Then I thought about giving him a weird eye. I’m only in the film for about 10 minutes—I wanted to make my mark. I heard this gang of black kids outside my trailer and thought, That’s Drexl. I showed this kid my lines and said, “Does this seem authentic?” He changed some words. He said, “That don’t fly. Drexl wouldn’t say ‘titties’; he’d say ‘breasteses.’ ”

Tarantino: Those kids were clowning him, and he believed them because he didn’t know any better. Because he’s British.

Anyway, great article, I highly recommend checking it out.  But then, what do I know, I’m just a handsome racecar driver with nothing to lose.

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