16-year-old Nicole Kidman discusses her work in ‘BMX Bandits’

On March 15th, Severin Films is releasing on DVD and Blu-Ray the 1983 cult classic BMX Bandits, which was basically the Surf Ninjas of its time. It was a film about stolen walk-talkies, radical bike tricks, and 80s synth-pop singalongs. But best of all, it starred a 16-year-old future Oscar winner in Nicole Kidman.  (For an added bit of trivia, it was directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith, director of Turkey Shoot, one of the most awesomely-terrible exploitation films you will ever see).

Here we see a 16-year-old Kidman, rocking a poodle perm and painted one-piece, looking like the flyest Fly Girl at Jazzercise (don’t laugh, that’s how you were conceived), discussing her role in the film.  She then introduces a clip which seems to pre-date the “BMX Joust” segment on Jackass by almost 20 years.  And if that weren’t radical enough, after that there’s a sing-along segment.  To be honest, I’m not sure whether it’s part of the film clip or just part of the show she’s on.  All I know is that the “singing kids wearing helmets” reaction shots are SIMPLY. AMAZING.  My God, they’re so wholesome, and so retarded-looking.  They’re like the special-ed tabernacle choir.

I wonder where they are now.  Probably dead.  Dingos got em.