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11.05.09 15 Comments

This is a little video called Raising 2012, made by this guy.  The one great thing to come out of 2012 being so terrible is how much random people on the internet have been able to improve it with simple editing choices.  See also: 2012 without FX, 2012 – the Disaster Porn trailer for examples.  This time around, the only change was to sub in some music from Raising Arizona, and yet… it’s SO MUCH BETTER!  I also would’ve accepted “Yakety Sax.”  In fact, and I’m just gonna lay this out there because it’s my dream, close your eyes and imagine:  Greasy Sax Man playing “Yakety Sax” in the top right corner of the trailer, greenscreen vignette-style, like those old sign language translators.  Oh wouldn’t it… beee niiiiice….

UPDATE: Now with more Yakety Sax (bottom video)

Thanks to Morton Salt for the tip


It’s not Greasy Sax Man, but it’ll do. Thanks @greg_hudson

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