Holy Sh-t: Birdemic Giveaway Day Two!

04.02.10 8 years ago 12 Comments

(Just imagine, you could wear your very own purple shirt to the screening.)

Yesterday, prior to his homoerotic departure into the woods, Vince had promised you all a second chance to win encore screening tickets to Birdemic: Shock and Terror. Well here’s that chance again folks, so right now would be the appropriate time to go interrupt your parent’s sex and ask whether or not it’s cool if you use the house phone to dial a 1-800 contest.

The Birdemic crew was kind enough to send over some t-shirts and a pair of tickets for all you fire sh–ting bird connoisseurs out there. Screening tonight and tomorrow at the IFC theater in NYC, this sh-t is going to the first unlucky lucky commentor to email me. Please be sure and only enter me if you are sure that you can attend the screening. And really, what the hell else could you possibly be doing that could trump screaming at a movie screen for an hour and a half? Pshhh, math homework?


UPDATE: CONTEST CLOSED. Congrats to our most recent winner. For all you losers out there, cheer up. Things could be worse, I mean, you could have…um…won?

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