3D Movies Are All the Same & Your Morning Links

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Vince finally makes it big time, and guest Eric D. Snider reads a comical death threat. |Frotcast|

August 30th. Mark it down! Vince and Joe King at the Purple Onion. |EVENTS|

The Superman ‘Man of Steel’ teasers are now online |Film Drunk|

A little something as you come down from your ‘Dark Knight’ high. |Tastefully Offensive|

Aaron Paul Was On ‘The Price Is Right’ In 1998 |Warming Glow|

Shocking Site News: We’re Perverts |With Leather|

5 Ideas For The Inevitable New Batman Movie Trilogy |Gamma Squad|

Hard Knocks Trailer Time: Are You Ready For The Miami Dolphins? |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

NBA Jerseys To Feature Small Ads Starting In 2013-2014 Season |Smoking Section|

Ranking The Most Punchable Faces On ‘Rich Kids Of Instagram’ |UPROXX|

The Olsen Twins Just Had To Kill Heath Ledger: A Review Of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ |TheSuperficial|

Quite Simply, The Best Bathroom Sign I’ve Ever Seen |Buzzfeed|

Baby Regrets Temporary Tattoo More Than Most Adults Regret Their Real Tattoos |Videogum|

19 Comedians Confronting Hecklers |HuffPost Comedy|

Creepy Ex-Lover of the Day |Daily What|

The Jeggings Gang Gets Pre-Torn Jeans |College Humor|

9 Intriguing Excerpts From Old FBI Files |Mental Floss|

The ten greatest superhero films of all time, and truth be told…it’s
hard to argue with their choices |Fark|

Darth Vader Wearing a Kilt, Riding a Unicycle, and Playing the Bagpipes |HolyTaco|

The Women of “Downton Abbey” Get The Tim Burton Zombie-Clown Treatment

7 Conquistador Movies That Every Aztec Would Fear |ScreenJunkies|

Miss Girls? Here Are 15 Movies and TV Shows You Should Watch in the
Meantime |Unreality|

Rita Rusic Is New Here |IDLYITW|

Spicy Reaction GIFs to the World’s Hottest Vodka |Guy Speed|

The Best Stadium Bars in Baseball |Modern Man|

Packers Guard TJ Lang Has a Message For His Co-Workers |BroBible|

Open Postion |Parent Fails|

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