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04.18.08 49 Comments

These pics came from a BMW forum, and the user who posted them claimed they came from the set of 4 Fast 4 Furious.

[The scene] involves an E36 crashing into cars after doing donuts in front of a club (actually a very old brick building converted into a club), Vin Diesel pulling up in his Chevelle SS (in this scene, still primered, not red) and a large crowd jumping around him and cheering. The cars made for these scenes by the studio are horrific, btw (to be distinguished from the mostly horrific extra cars, owned by actual people… without any taste) [Weird, I would’ve assumed Fast and Furious extras to be the peak of sartorial elegance. – Ed.] The E36 (camo), 300ZX (yellow), FC RX7 (green) and S13s (blue) were crudely painted, with horribly bubbly vinyl stickers and cheesy wheels.

If 4 Fast 4 Furious has decided to make their car porn with BMWs, I think it’s a big mistake.  Obviously the appeal of the other movies was that people could buy a used Honda for 6 grand, spend a couple hundred bucks of their Kinko’s paycheck on it each week, and eventually it’d look stupid and sound annoying, just like in the movie.  And yes, my plan is to continue referring to this movie as 4 Fast 4 Furious until the studio realizes it’s a way better name than Fast and Furious.  Great name for a porno though.  ArgghhhI’mgonnacumI’msoangry!!!

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